Identity Malta has been split into three new agencies as part of a ‘broad reform’ of the agency

The government announced this morning that Identity Malta, the agency dealing with Visas, residence permits, and other identification documents, has been split into three separate agencies.

The changes were implemented through a legal notice on their change in operations.

In a statement, the reforms secretariat said the changes were part of a wider reform, with each entity having its own chairman, CEO and board of directors.

“The mechanism ensures that there is coordination in policy drawn up Identity Malta,” read the statement. “To this end, a number of directors among the five in each agency will be common to the three agencies.”

The secretariat said that through this system, there would be greater transparency on the three agencies’ processes.

Identity Malta
Non-executive chairman – Ian Castaldi Paris
Chief executive – Anton Sevasta

Non-executive chairman – Frances Mifsud
Chief executive – Jonathan Cardona

Non-executive chairman – Nadette Azzopardi
Chief executive – Roderick Cutajar