The investment captured through ‘Golden Visas’ was 18.4 per cent lower this April than in the same month last year, at €63.6 million, the Portuguese border agency said on Friday

Lisbon – Most of the investment in April was to buy property (€54,901,536), while capital transfers were responsible for €8,746,047.

Last month the Portuguese government issued 109 visas, 100 of which were to people buying properties.

Investment from Golden Visas in the first four months of the year totalled €357,542,225, a 30% drop compared with the €511,326,231 recorded in the same period in 2017.

China is at the top of the list of citizens who have been granted Golden Visas since the system was launched (3,805 until April), followed by Brazil (538), South Africa (243), Russia (215) and Turkey (202).